Field Trip - Photo 101

Boy, oh boy! This past week has been so memorable. About a month ago I decided to travel all the way to southwestern Texas in a little ole town called, Marfa. Never heard of it before? Well, neither had I! Apparently, this tiny town, about an hour north of the boarder of Mexico, has made quite a name for itself. So much so, that Yeah Field Trip decided to host a Photo 101 workshop there. I'm a self-taught photographer so going back to the basics has been something I've always wanted & needed to do. Not only was my knowledge solidified but I got to meet so many amazing people who shared a common passion as me & experience an iconic, tiny town. Being surrounded by other creatives was so inspiring and left me feeling empowered to create magic through my work. So, here's a special S/O & a genuine thank you to, Yeah Field Trip! Y'all rocked it! I thought I'd share my week with you all & hopefully you'll get a glimpse of how wonderful my trip to southwestern Texas was. :]