Rainy Day, Chi-Town Lovers

Josh + Jordan


Last weekend I visited a sweet friend of mine who is attending school in Chicago. While I was there, I had the privilege of photographing Josh & Jordan Moses. They had just celebrated their one year anniversary (ugh, so stinkin' presh!), which obviously made this session all the more special. Not only are these two total babes (with amazing style) & complete naturals in front of the camera, but they're honestly just as sweet & charming in person as they look on camera. There is nothing better than getting to photograph two genuinely kind human beings in love. Hey Chicago, you've got a special place in my heart now & I definitely plan on coming back. Oh, & I obviously plan on hanging out with these two cool cats when I do. duh!


Before traveling to Chicago, I told Jordan that I trusted her to come up with the best "city-life" locations for when I photographed them. Let me tell ya, she didn't disappoint. We started off at literally the best coffee shop that I've been to, Sawada Coffee. If you find yourself in Chi-town do yourself a favor & try their coffee! YUM! After we got a couple shots there we headed out to the city. It was a dream & I'm in love with all of the images. Hey Josh & Jordan, thanks for running around the city in the freezing-cold rain while letting me take pictures of your PDA. xo.