CAROLINE Styled Wedding Shoot

I've realized over the years that when it comes to expressing myself, it's usually spontaneous - randomly chopping all of my hair off, last minute piercings, etc.  I had the urge to do something creative & a styled shoot was the perfect way to do that. For me, photography is a way to express who I am by creating something that reflects who I am - sounds cheesy, I know, but it's the best way to describe. I was so blessed to have some amazing creatives work along side me on this shoot & I couldn't have imagined it coming together any more perfectly. Pinterest is where I pull inspiration - I wanted this shoot to embody mine. I pulled inspiration from the pins that I had pinned about hair styles, outfits, decorations, jewelry, colors & patterns, as well as from my own personal branding elements - from that.. this was born. 


Models - Josie-Lynn & Tyler Lloyd

Gown - Sarah Seven from Bride.KC

Jewelry - Amy O Jewelry

Florals - Jodi Ferrell

Location - Downtown OKC

Editing & Imaging - Caroline Eliza.Co