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I’m a proud Okie, born and raised. For now, it’s what I call home but, if we’re being honest, it’ll always be my home. 

A few things that have my heart are, first and foremost, Jesus Christ; secondly, my family and friends, early mornings, almond-butter oatmeal, the fall, Free People, indie music, night time drives, exploring new cities and, of course, coffee. I wouldn’t be a photographer if I didn’t obsess over coffee, right? With that being said, you could easily find me sitting in a coffee shop, editing the day away or drinking an iced, almond-milk latte with a friend.

I also love to travel anywhere and everywhere. Getting to experience new people, culture, food, and atmospheres is an inspiring and eye opening thing. We live in a large and gorgeous world, filled with amazing things and people - who wouldn’t want to see and experience as much of it as possible?

Photography... where do I begin? Since I can remember I’ve always loved to create, whether that be playing dress up, participating in musicals, drawing, painting or dancing - you name it, I loved it! Dance, especially, played a big role in my life and it was something that I spent most of my time doing - 13 years in fact. As I grew older, I picked up photography as a hobby. One thing led to the next and, before I knew it, I had decided college wasn’t for me and was jumping head first into the market. I quickly learned that photographing weddings and sappy-happy couples is where my soul flourishes.

There’s something special about getting to photograph the happiest day of someone's life. Every couple is unique & every wedding is wonderfully different. Each experience is new & exciting & the moments I get to preserve are priceless. I’m thankful & blessed to do what I do & I’m humbled to have the opportunity to be a part of your story.

Let’s create something beautiful!